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Our exclusive "Permitech Pro ©" permit management software allows us to track, manage and report the status of each required review for each permit in every jurisdiction with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

Proven | Faster

As industry pioneers in the Pacific Northwest, our permit management methods have evolved to an acute degree of efficiency and accuracy leading to measurably faster timelines from submittal to issuance.

Who are we?

Faster Permits is a building permit consulting and management firm with a vision to change the face of the construction industry by tackling the most challenging aspect of development - building permits. This vision has resulted in thousands of improved development time lines for such companies as IBM, Intel, UPS, AT&T, Verizon, Kinko's Copies, Nike, Pepsi, Bechtel, Fossil, Louis Vuitton, FedEx, Nordstrom, Owens-Corning and more.

Customer Feedback

You continue to show why we call you “our hero”. Without your efforts we’d all be in the hurt-locker. As always, thanks for another stellar job of getting things done for us!

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