Faster Permits is a full service permit management firm that specializes in:

Project Feasibility analysis

  • Coordinate meetings with jurisdiction to review proposal
  • Research site conditions and restrictions

Coordinate project design team

  • Advise of minimum submittable requirements

Prepare permit application materials

Submit permit applications

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Miscellaneous

Coordinate expedited plan review options

  • Third party review
  • Applicant paid overtime
  • Other

Building code appeals

  • Consult with client regarding feasibility and strategy
  • Consult with client/design team in their preparation of appeal and coordinate the development of supporting documentation
  • Submit and monitor appeal
  • Process appeal results
  • Forward to client and/or design team
  • Revise plans to reflect conditions of approval

Monitor plan review progress

  • Report to client
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • As requested
  • Forward check sheets to client and/or design team
  • Advise of efficient check sheet response strategies
  • Report conditions of approval

Submit check sheet responses

  • Redline (modify) plans per design team’s directive
  • Collate revised sheets with existing plans
  • Meet with plans examiners to explain check sheet responses and facilitate their approval

Estimate Jurisdiction assessed permit and plan review fees

  • Coordinate with client for the payment of fees

Process approved plans and permits

  • Transfer notes to match all sets
  • Pay fees
  • Deliver approved plans and permit
    • To job site
    • To owner
    • To client
    • To other